Safety and Security Committee


While the church is used less than it was pre-COVID-19 (do you remember those days?), we still have safety and security concerns that should be addressed. In fact, there seems to be more concern now over unauthorized entry and malicious acts with some people acting desperately and irrationally due to the tensions around us. While all of the actions we originally planned are still important and will be pursued in the future, we have decided to focus on a few areas to avoid some costs at this time. After comparing costs and other factors, we selected Sonitrol Inc. to install and monitor our security systems. Sonitrol also installed and currently monitors our Fire Protection system.

To balance current cost and safety and security, we are only implementing parts of three systems at this time:

  • An electronic lock on the front/office door along with video doorbells for the office and Preschool will help protect our staff, preschool staff and students. Authorized people will be given access codes, or they can “ring” the video doorbell and the office staff can view the door and release the electronic lock. The electronic lock, along with all other doors must remain locked at all times, except for Sunday mornings. More information will be provided to committee chairs and others who may need regular access through the front/office door.

  • We are also providing mobile (within the church) panic buttons (silent alarms) for use by a few authorized people. Obviously, we want to keep the names of those who may have a panic button and the location of the buttons confidential. If activated, the police and EMS will be automatically dispatched.

  • An instruction detection system (burglar alarm) is being installed to help protect the building, its contents, our staff and others. The alarm will be scheduled to be disarmed during regularly scheduled meetings and services. Only a few people will need to have access to disarm and arm the burglar alarm system. More information will be provided to committee chairs and others who regularly use our church.

If you have any questions on these systems or additional suggestions concerning safety and security please contact one of us.


In Christ,

Your Safety & Security Committee – Betsey Bopp, Denise Haralson, Dave Hykes, Elva Hullihen, John Oskin, Geoff Rach, Bob Smith and Kim Stevenson. Please let one of us know if you are interested in joining!!