Safety and Security Committee


As you know, Session determined that closing our church building through Sunday, May 10th is the safest course of action to help stop the spread of COVID-19 - God’s Church is still/always open. For spiritual health, please continue to take advantage of the church website to hear Rev. Rach’s weekly message and to see important information about our church.  Take this gift of time to pray and read your bible.  God is with us wherever we are and the love of Jesus will lessen our sense of fear and anxiousness in these difficult and stressful times.

Also, please do not forget about the financial health of our church.  People tend not to contribute if they are not in the church building.  We continue to incur most of the costs associated with operating our church, even when it is closed for a few weeks.   Please mail your envelopes to the church office with your contributions to the General Fund, as well as to the Capital Improvement Fund.

Your Safety & Security Committee is working on obtaining a grant from FEMA to help pay for projects that will improve the security of our members, visitors and church building.  FEMA has provided funding for non-profits for the past few years.  The majority of the funding goes to synagogues, mosques, churches and other places of worship in high risk areas.  Level Green Church will probably not receive any funding this year.  But, we have learned a great deal about the application process and a few specific things through the process of applying for a grant. 

One of the grant requirements is an Assessment of Vulnerability & Risk.  We recently completed a 28 page assessment that highlighted several general areas and specific items that should be improved.  For example, we are lacking in the area of written procedures for dealing with health, fire and other potential risks.  An example of a specific item that should be resolved is the ease of breaking into the church through the side sanctuary door in the corner of the sanctuary where the stairs go to the Fellowship Hall.  Someone can easily hide in the shrubs surrounding the door, break a window in the door (single pane glass) and use the push bar to open the door.  We plan to cover the glass with Lexan and cover it with an opaque film.

 We have also scheduled an assessment by the PA State Police Risk & Vulnerability Assessment Team (RVAT).  Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the team is not currently performing assessments.  The assessment takes 2-3 days and specific dates will be scheduled after the COVID restrictions are lifted.  More details about the current 28-page report and the planned assessment by the PA State Police RVAT will follow.


In Christ,

Your Safety & Security Committee – Betsey Bopp, Denise Haralson, Dave Hykes, Elva Hullihen, John Oskin, Geoff Rach, Bob Smith and Kim Stevenson. Please let one of us know if you are interested in joining!!