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The Level Green Lions Club is collecting unwanted eyeglasses, in good condition, to be professionally recycled and donated, world-wide, to persons with vision impairment.  Your contribution of eyeglasses will be much appreciated, and put to good use.  Collection boxes are available at both doors.



Did you know the Mission Committee supports the TRAFFORD FOOD BANK? Each month we send them a monetary donation so they can purchase items not donated. Each week, Sally Paddock gathers the items that have been donated from our members here and takes them to the food bank. Level Green Church has been awesome in their support! So, when you see a deal in your local grocery store that if you buy ten items, you get what you really want at a discount or you see the cereal you want but have to get four boxes to get the really low price, how about donating things you really don’t need to the food bank? When there is a buy one get one free, donate the free one! There are bins in front of the office for any non-perishable donations. We thank you for your continued support and making our community such a fantastic place to live!

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